Five factions make up the city of Disidia, and chaos reigns.


There are two things I’ve always wanted to do: urban fantasy where the world feels fully realized, and a society or system of factions that fans can claim allegiance to. I want those factions to be even, where there are good and bad traits on each, and no one is purely the Bad Guy Gang. This concept I’d been messing around with, and though I don’t have a solid plot hammered out for it yet, I’ve had a lot of fun crafting the different gangs and giving them each a story so they can be involved on equal levels. I have no idea when I’ll return to this concept. It’s been something I’ve fiddled with while working on other projects, but I wanted to make something with it so I wouldn’t forget.

Disidia is a city. Black stone, ancient buildings, long streets. It was once a stronghold that spread out as more and more people came to it, and though its walls remain strong, the fighting is happening on the inside. It’s governed by The Council which represents the main five groups within Disidia. There has always been fighting between councilmembers and between the more zealous followers on the streets. Things are reaching fever pitch, and it’s becoming more and more unclear whose side anyone should be on.

The five groups are as follows:

disidia 1


The Jackdaws worship the Phantom Queen, who rules over the Underworld and carries secrets in her cloak. This group is easily recognizable on the streets by the raven they wear on their clothes or on their skin. They are the largest gang in the city, having a goddess who does not spend much time in chapels, and most violence is blamed on them, deservedly or not. Jackdaws are loyal only to themselves and are often at odds with all other gangs. On the council is their Heirophant Katalana Koh, who is quiet among her councilmembers and keeps things close to the chest.

disidia 2


The Whitehorns come from the ancient order of the Great Horned One, which is now primarily made up of white magic users and Traditionalists who would see Disidia returned to the old ways. Thanks to their roots in the city, they make up a large number of business men and traders and are often wealthier than many of their counterparts. Within the street gangs, they focus their attentions on the Poison Eaters and the Jackdaws. The White King is currently Alden Omor, who inherited the title recently under somewhat shaky circumstances.


disidia 3

Black Butterflies

The Black Butterflies worship the World Ender, a skeleton queen with a crown of flowers. In the old days her followers went by the name the Unlucky Ones. They are the smallest gang in the city and have little influence off of the streets. Recently a small faction has appeared within the gang known as the Skeleton Sisters, a party comprised of women who try to keep violence to a minimum and deal with the other gangs. Morena Molin is their representative on the council, said to embody the spirit of the World Ender and shares her gift of prophecy.


disidia 4

The Enlightened

The Enlightened are followers of Waset, a scribe and magic god. They believe in law, the written word, and the study of the world around them. Their primary members have always been scholars and educators, but the street gangs have started gaining traction as a small faction has called for a purging of the other groups and a dismantling of the Council. This has led to a lot of infighting. Their liaison to the Council is Amat Sahwen, who has traditionally worked with all the councilmembers, though the Enlightened and the Poison Eaters are directly opposed.


disidia 5

Poison Eaters

The Poison Eaters worship Eten, a snake-headed goddess of wisdom and wrath. Like the Black Butterflies, it is only recently they’ve gained major power in the city, having for the majority of its history been a small cult. Its higher up members tend to be doctors and surgeons, but on the streets is where it has truly boomed. The gangs fight primarily with the Jackdaws and the Enlightened. Their current saysooth is Dalibor Sunan, who took his council position through treachery and scheming, and the Poison Eaters are split near evenly on him. Some wish to push him out of office, others want to keep him as he’s valuable against the other councilmembers.

Disidia is a city divided, and with recent machinations turning wheels and pushing buttons, the gangs are growing out of control, and major changes may be happening soon in the council seats.

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