Moodboards and Concepts Part II

I’m taking a bit of a break to catch up with my other projects like Deadlands and my Fear Street blog. I had so much fun doing the moodboards when I was in my creative slump that I sort of haven’t stopped doing them. I come up with a new story idea every other week and definitely have some ideas I’ve concepted out and then shelved. Here are the further adventures of what goes on in my brain.


Witch Hazel

There are many, many versions of “normal boy, weird girl” out there, and I had a much, much darker one I’d played with, but what I’ve really wanted to write for a long time is a cute, upbeat story about a witch. So a teenage boy who’s working retail and is focused on affording college and getting a date, who has a witch crash land in his backyard. She’s stuck in the human world, trying to get back home, while a crooked witch makes a play for power.


The Magic Shop Around the Corner

I can’t quite remember my impetus for creating this. I have a few different kinds of urban fantasy stories with varying levels on the fantasy, and like I said, I wanted to do something with witches. The Black Cat and Cauldron is a small magic shop in the city of Cochran, which has recently gone through a magic revival. It would be a tiny dot in a big map, except for its location. The owner and her seven employees must deal with local gangs, shady businessmen, and a supernatural being known as the Shadowman, all while also trying to run a business.



The idea of the Greek gods choosing human champions to fight for them was one I had a long time back, though that version had a lot of elements that didn’t piece together quite right. I like Greek myths and have been wanting to create something using mythology, and I’d been on a summer camp kick thanks to things like Gravity Falls and Lumberjanes. So I drafted out Champions, in which thirteen kids wake up to find everyone at their summer camp turned to stone, and the gods are asking them to fight. I haven’t developed very much of it, but I may come back to it one day when I need something fun to work on.

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Author: Jimmy


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