Magical Girl Forever

A study in character development and celebrity.


Instead of doing what I should be doing, which is writing the next few parts of my 1950s monster mash, working on some short stories, or finishing the next chapter in Deadlands, my partner and I have been rewatching a lot of 90s anime, specifically Sailor Moon. I’ve had magical girl based story ideas in the past. One I’d held onto for a while was a next generation style story, where the daughter inherited her mother’s role as magical warrior, along with all the baggage that went with it. But after reading Snot Girl and enjoying the celebrity aspects of Wicked + Divine, a drafted up a quick idea of a girl who’d recently gotten her powers and joined the ranks of several other magical girls. They’re essentially Internet celebrities, girls who differ in style and fashion and motif, but who all essentially serve the same purpose. And, recently rewatching a lot of magical girl and fighting animes, I’ve returned to it and done what I usually do with a small concept and not too many ideas: moodboards. Only this time, since I wanted to focus on the social media aspect, I made them fake social media accounts. Instagrams and Pinterests and Twitters that would reflect real life celebrity. Then I took it a step further, and recreated a sort of Magical Girl magazine (mildly inspired by GDBee’s fake magazines). Beneath this cut is a lot of images that I left watermarked (blame my bank account) and hopefully the start to a fully realized world.

Ren Takamura Insta

Ren Takamura is currently the hottest thing in magical girls. She’s well known for her social media presence and is in the talks for a fashion line of her very own. She wields the Umbrella Shield and is usually seen battling Princess Poison when not recording her new album or flying with her family to Tokyo.

Witch Hazel Insta

Hazel Levinas a.k.a. Witch Hazel has only been in the game for a few years and she’s made a major splash with her DIY videos and book series Recipes for Young Witches. She’s guided by her black cat mentor named Pluto. She has a magic wand and a flying broomstick, and her transformation includes a black pointy hat.

Grimm Girl Insta

Cassandra Alabaster a.k.a. Grimm Girl was given the Grimm Scythe and has a mentor in the talking skull named Gaultier. Of the girls, she has less of a presence on social media, though she’s photographed often out on the street and is known for photobombing people if she comes across them. She defeated the Gamora Skeleton last year, skyrocketing her to fame.

Armor Ultimatum Insta

Serena Diaz a.k.a. Armor Ultimatum was raised by her super scientist dad, and when she was fused with extra-dimensional armor, she quickly made work of it. She uses her fame to create programs and generate interest in robotics and engineering, hoping to give the rest of the world the opportunities she got.

Star Girl Insta

Mira Star a.k.a. Star Girl is newest on the magical girl scene, gaining her powers only a year ago. She defeated Zelimir, a space sorceress, which gave her some notability, but she’s still green. She’s guided by Aurora, a weird green orb that talks to her, and hopes to learn from the girls around her.

From the March issue of Magical Girl Magazine:

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To see the images in a larger size, check out my tumblr post.

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