Adventurer’s Academy

When I started this blog, I posted a few moodboards I’d been playing with, and one of them was Adventurer’s Academy. The idea is there is a school for adventurers to learn their basic skills, focusing either in magic, fighting, or stealth, with a sort of Harry Potter at the RenFaire vibe. I’ve played with the concept a few times, the original version of it being more serious in its fantasy world, while this version steals a few characters from other things I’ve trashed and gives a more lighthearted story. Originally this was going to be the month by month story I planned to post here, but my usual writing anxiety has put its first part in rewrites a few times, with me going back and forth on how I wanted to tell it (which is the sort of process that led Laemmle High to be the thing I’m posting instead).

But I have a lot of fun with these characters and I’ve been trying to flesh them out more. Like with my magical girls and the princesses, giving them their own unique style and influence seemed important, and so I created fake Instagrams for the individual characters as well. Here is the central cast of Adventurer’s Academy, borrowing from D&D’s method of character creation, with images shamelessly stolen from Pinterest.

Romir Raine Insta

Character Name: Romir Raine

Class: Cleric

Cha: 12 (+1) Wis: 10 (+0) Con: 8 (-1)

Skills: Religion, Insight, Persuasion

Ideals: I will try to be the me I’ve always wanted to be, no matter what anyone says.

Flaws: My interests and desires are way more important than anyone else’s.

The ultimate goth, Romir was a big fish in a little pond back home with her fiend worshiping friends, which doesn’t quite cut it at Adventurer’s Academy. She searches for a new group to tangle with and some mischief to get into.


Bayard Everett Insta

Character Name: Bayard Everett

Class: Knight

Cha: 14 (+2) Str: 10 (+0) Wis: 12 (+1)

Skills: Perception, Athletics, Survival

Ideals: The weak always deserve to be protected.

Flaws: I tend to make snap judgments about people.

Bayard grew up an orphan, learning to take care of himself, and dreaming of one day being a knight. He’s thrilled to be at the Academy and is ready to save the world from evil. He is probably the most likable person on campus.


Araceli Ourani Insta

Character Name: Araceli Ourani

Class: Mage

Int: 15 (+2) Cha: 8 (+1) Dex: 10 (+0)

Skills: Arcana, Nature, Performance

Ideals: I am always trying to better myself.

Flaws: I already think I’m better than everyone else.

Araceli was raised by her mother, a competent and well respected elf mage, until her passing recently. Terrified to be on her own, she attends the Academy and adjust poorly to her new surroundings.


Imelda Svanr Insta

Character Name: Imelda Svanr

Class: Rogue

Con: 8 (-1) Dex: 12 (+1) Wis: 14 (+2)

Skills: History, Sleight of Hand, Acrobatics

Ideals: I am a peacemaker, always looking for new friends.

Flaws: I hold too much stake in what others think of me.

Imelda is the first in her family to seek a life outside the mountain, and like all dwarfs who step into the human world, is expected to take up fighting. She struggles to find what she really wants.


Warren Blackwin Insta

Character Name: Warren Blackwin

Class: Warlock

Int: 14 (+2) Con: 10 (+0) Wis: 8 (-1)

Skills: Arcana, History, Stealth

Ideals: I am constantly trying to prove myself.

Flaws: I always find the worst way to do it.

Warren has a lot of expectations placed on his back thanks to his family, and has reacted to this poorly. Far away from his family for the first time, he’s realizing exactly how bad he is at making decisions, and how happy he is to be away.


All five attend the Aartsen Academy of Adventure and work towards their own personal goals, and they’re thrown together to make the strangest group of friends on campus.


Author: Jimmy


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