II. Wolverines (Part 1)

In which Merton deals with some unforeseen medical problems.

Laemmle High



I. Student Life

In which there is a bad moon on the rise.

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Laemmle High – Part II

I am in the process of trying to set a schedule for myself. I’ve been a lot less creatively minded this year so far, partially out of stress and my usual medley of anxieties, partially just because I’ve been less motivated all around. Setting a schedule, figuring out a goal, it’s good for me to clear my head. I have all of Part II of Laemmle High written and am in the process of rewriting it, and only a little bit of Part III done so far, but I think I’m going to give myself a little bit of time to put it out. So Laemmle High will begin Part II June 14, which gives me the summer off, which I honestly really need. I plan to post other things here, of course, and I have several other projects I’m working on. The next chapter of Deadlands will be posted April 21st, and I’m posting examinations of modern monsters there as well as of now. I’ll have posted Dracula and The Wolf-Man by the time this goes up, with hopes to examine all of the Universal monsters, all of which tie directly into the monsters I’m writing about here. There are a few short stories I’ll be posting here in the future as well, so keep your eyes peeled. If you’re desperate to read my beautiful words, you can find me every other week over at my Fear Street blog, where I re-read all of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street, starting with The New Girl from 1989 to the new books released in the re-launch. I am trying to give myself as much time as possible to put out quality content for your eyes to enjoy. Like I said, I plan to post here in the interim, either with more concepts, new stories, or whatever my brain thinks up, and I’ll still be posting elsewhere. As for Laemmle High, we’ll see it again June 14!

I. Student Life (Part 3)

Johnny gets another shot at his education, and something else comes to town.

Laemmle High


Student Life

Part 1
Part 2

In which Johnny’s education becomes a sticking point, and things get complicated.

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Magical Girl Forever

A study in character development and celebrity.

Instead of doing what I should be doing, which is writing the next few parts of my 1950s monster mash, working on some short stories, or finishing the next chapter in Deadlands, my partner and I have been rewatching a lot of 90s anime, specifically Sailor Moon. I’ve had magical girl based story ideas in the past. One I’d held onto for a while was a next generation style story, where the daughter inherited her mother’s role as magical warrior, along with all the baggage that went with it. But after reading Snot Girl and enjoying the celebrity aspects of Wicked + Divine, a drafted up a quick idea of a girl who’d recently gotten her powers and joined the ranks of several other magical girls. They’re essentially Internet celebrities, girls who differ in style and fashion and motif, but who all essentially serve the same purpose. And, recently rewatching a lot of magical girl and fighting animes, I’ve returned to it and done what I usually do with a small concept and not too many ideas: moodboards. Only this time, since I wanted to focus on the social media aspect, I made them fake social media accounts. Instagrams and Pinterests and Twitters that would reflect real life celebrity. Then I took it a step further, and recreated a sort of Magical Girl magazine (mildly inspired by GDBee’s fake magazines). Beneath this cut is a lot of images that I left watermarked (blame my bank account) and hopefully the start to a fully realized world.

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I. Student Life (Part 1)

Our cast is introduced, and one character is promptly removed.

Laemmle High


I. Student Life

In which we are introduced to our cast of characters, the town of Whitby, and the strange things that reside within.

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Laemmle High

It’s 1959, and things are about to get weird in Whitby.

A long, long time ago, I decided I wanted to try drawing a comic. I’m not a very good artist, but in high school it was a thing I was interested in purely because I love comics. One of the (many) concepts I came up with was supposed to a sort of serial. The original version of this involved a high school reporter who starts investigating after a classmate comes back from the dead. Each chapter would be her investigating a different supernatural happening. I decided a 1950s aesthetic purely because I wanted to mimic horror movies from that era. It was actually more scifi in the beginning, with one character originally intended to be an alien, and I ended up shifting some of that thanks to deriving more from the classic Universal monsters. I came back to the concept after some time and adjusted it to fit a novel format. I was in college at the time, working on other projects and my masters, and I ended up finishing Men and Monsters, a similar concept with similar influences, having a much easier time writing it.

I fumbled around with what I’d written for a while, worried it was too similar to other things, struggling with finishing the segment I was on, but I ultimately decided the concept was something I wanted to write. I was attached to the characters and the setting and decided the best way to motivate myself to finish it was to post it here. At least then, even if I do nothing with it, it’s out in the world, and I can see how this tiny concept I drafted out years and years ago has changed. So here is your introductory post to Laemmle High. Like the movies it derives its origins from, I give you the cast of characters and title card up front, before you enjoy the picture.


Laemmle High

Beverly Jones………………………………………………………..high school reporter, friend to the undead

Merton Dewitt.……………………………………………………………..nerd, photographer, alien enthusiast

Marya Zalesk.…….………………………………………………a stranger in a strange land, also a vampire

Betty Isen…….….….………..prom queen, science fair winner three years running, dating Johnny

Johnny Maxwell…………………………….…….quarterback, most popular kid at school, dating Betty

Shelley Rathbone…………………………………….….…….…..science fair runner up three years running

The small town of Whitby was a community built for scientists at the height of World War II, meant to house the smartest, brightest, and most extreme leaders in new sciences. Since the end of the war, the families have settled down and are now enjoying the town that was built for them, and the children of those scientists are growing up. Nothing in Whitby is what it seems, and several students are about to learn firsthand how strange it can be. Join us next week for the start of Laemmle High in…

Student Life