Men and Monsters (Five Stories)

Last year for Halloween, I presented three spooky stories for your entertainment. At the time, I was concepting multiple projects, but I was also in the process of finishing the first draft of one. Men and Monsters is the story of five people who find themselves solving a strange mystery while, at the same time, being something of a mystery themselves. It involves werewolves and vampires and invisible men, and while I’m still in the rewriting stages, I thought I might attempt to expand their characters a bit. I quickly plotted out five short stories that would expand on either their character or backstory, and spent a bit of time reading 19th century and early 20th century fiction to get a feel for the style, tropes, and images I wanted to emulate. So for the month of October, there will be five stories, each centered around a different type of monster.

The original excerpt can be read here.

Men and Monsters (Excerpt)

An excerpt from a love letter to the Universal Monsters.

I’ve had an awful lot of fun lately taking concepts I started a long, long time ago and revamping them. It’s shown me how much I’ve grown as a writer, and how much experience I’ve accumulated. This story started as something very different. It started a long time ago. But in reviewing the concept, I considered a few things: 1) I liked the idea of a gaslight horror mystery, and the Victorian era became an easy ground to sow these seeds, and 2) I’d grown up on the Universal Monsters, so I included more characters to better match the traditional monster lineup. This became a love letter to things I adored, from monster mashes, to goofy ahistorical histories, to the only classical literature I enjoyed, to the things I longed to see more of in fiction. This is the story I’ve dedicated my time to finishing and will begin editing soon, so I thought I’d give a little sneak preview.

Men and Monsters

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