1. Night of the Vampire

In the cold autumn of 1738, following the demise of the entire Karnstein family, the townspeople notice shades in the graveyard.

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Men and Monsters (Five Stories)

Last year for Halloween, I presented three spooky stories for your entertainment. At the time, I was concepting multiple projects, but I was also in the process of finishing the first draft of one. Men and Monsters is the story of five people who find themselves solving a strange mystery while, at the same time, being something of a mystery themselves. It involves werewolves and vampires and invisible men, and while I’m still in the rewriting stages, I thought I might attempt to expand their characters a bit. I quickly plotted out five short stories that would expand on either their character or backstory, and spent a bit of time reading 19th century and early 20th century fiction to get a feel for the style, tropes, and images I wanted to emulate. So for the month of October, there will be five stories, each centered around a different type of monster.

The original excerpt can be read here.

Laemmle High Fake Instas

I was absolutely going to stop making these, but some rearranging of my life recently has led me to focus elsewhere. To get back in the mood of writing my monster teens, I made them their own fake Instagrams, which actually was a big help since I had to sit down and go, “What do these characters¬†like?”

More images stolen shamelessly from Pinterest.

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Adventurer’s Academy

When I started this blog, I posted a few moodboards I’d been playing with, and one of them was Adventurer’s Academy. The idea is there is a school for adventurers to learn their basic skills, focusing either in magic, fighting, or stealth, with a sort of Harry Potter at the RenFaire vibe. I’ve played with the concept a few times, the original version of it being more serious in its fantasy world, while this version steals a few characters from other things I’ve trashed and gives a more lighthearted story. Originally this was going to be the month by month story I planned to post here, but my usual writing anxiety has put its first part in rewrites a few times, with me going back and forth on how I wanted to tell it (which is the sort of process that led Laemmle High to be the thing I’m posting instead).

But I have a lot of fun with these characters and I’ve been trying to flesh them out more. Like with my magical girls and the princesses, giving them their own unique style and influence seemed important, and so I created fake Instagrams for the individual characters as well. Here is the central cast of Adventurer’s Academy, borrowing from D&D’s method of character creation, with images shamelessly stolen from Pinterest.

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