Cinderella (Princesses)

An oft told tale is told again: Cinderella.

I’ve been wanting to do a multiplayer crossover with fairy tales basically my entire life. I developed one story a long time ago and ended up being so frustrated with it that I gave up, and then started another story that I scratched as well, developed another story, and then found an old outline for a version of a Princesses tale that I redeveloped into the new story, so essentially I’ve rewritten this a hundred times. Here is the attempt to nail down a few things: the princesses personality and identity, the deviations I was going to take from the original fairy tale, and the tone of the piece. I start with arguably the most recognizable fairy tale, so we have a firm standing.


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A Writing Journal

I’ve been writing my entire life, but completing things is a different story. I’ve been taking steps to make complete things I feel good about publishing where people can see it, so here I am, using this as a journal to put short stories, development pieces, and stories I want to explore. I’ve been having fun with my old west ghost story style serial, as well as my journey reliving the nostalgia of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street, so I’m hoping to upload things here that don’t fit into either category.